Producing graphics and motion graphics for newly launched social travel app Step.

Step creates a digital world through which users can map out their 'steps' (where they've been or where they want to go), can explore our curated content and connect with their friends following their steps around the world. 

I joined the team in Jan 2021 to produce motion graphics content for their social media and help generate ideas to publicise the brand new app pre and post-launch.


Brand identity and digital content creation for unreleased vintage-wear brand.

Arque is a vintage and second hand fashion seller that specialises in unique pieces from the 60s and 70s.  

As the creative director I create content for the two main platforms, Instagram and Depop. The feed is a moodboard of our team's inspiration, influences and items in stock, for which I create static content, moving image content and dynamic carousels. I've also created a set of branded GIFs for use in Instagram stories.

The Big Drip

Rebrand for fashion, culture and music hub The Big Drip.

The Big Drip is a creative hub with a distinct hip hop and vintage point of view. They sell vintage garments online and at markets, as well as generating original music and photography. 

Fusing organic shapes with a digitised treatment, I provided the brand with a visual identity to use in any future projects. Ensuring recognisability and room to grow.

Lumpy Gravy

Rebrand for Manchester based DJ collective Lumpy Gravy.

This DJ collective needed their existing logo rejuvinated and streamlined. I wanted to give them something dynamic, like liquid soundwaves. In use online, the logo has a looping animation.



Logo for Brighton based drag queen Alik.

Modern drag queens need a solid brand to stand out, and the opportunity to work with a subject so fun was great.

Alik’s logo incorporates her signature makeup - a lightning bolt beneath the eye - to create a symbol that communicates her severity and energy.
Jake Bushell

Hi, I’m Jake. Graphic design graduate of the University of Brighton. I specialise in bold and unique brand identities and moving image. 

Check out my Instagram for more video work.